Turning Five

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

February 26th marks 5 years since we first opened the doors of the Castle Tap - it has been a long journey and the road goes ever ever on..

Therefore it seems only sensible to have a party.

But we didn't want to just have some balloons and a tin of chocolates - oh no - we thought how about 5 days worth of fun with cakes and ales and music?

So we asked our friends if they would help and turns out that there are some breweries who are going to help us make special new release beers and some musicians who just want to get everyone dancing. And honestly I'm not sure we spend quite enough time ordering exciting beer from round the country (and Europe and America...) so we thought we would do a bit extra

Put 26-Feb to 1-Mar in your diary & look out for further announcements.

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