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Find links to some of our regular events, collaborators  and charities below.

  • Maya's Refillables - reducing plastic consumption & offering eco alternatives [At the Tap 1st Weds of the Month & via click-and-collect all the time] because our Planet matters


  • Reading Shanty SingersIf you  like a capella singing, folk traditions and/or the sea you can  and should join this group [At the tap 2nd Weds of every month]. Sing or Listen we don't mind


  • Reading Refugee Support Group - We support this charity because we believe everyone should have somewhere safe to call their community and the support to help that happen 


  • Launchpad Reading - We are also passionate about the work done  by these guys  with  people dealing with homelessness. Contact them for help and advice on housing and/or donate on the bar or at one of our events

Drinks & Entertainment

When you need something fun or a treat check out these fab friends of ours.

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