Frequently Asked Questions


1. How can I Pay?

During normal opening at the bar we accept both cash and card (including Amex) and can also take Googlepay, ApplePay & other similar contactless options.

The shop allows you to pay online via Paypal or select pay on collection [If you choose this we do prefer non-cash options via the card machine] and if you ring to arrange a click-and-collect we will ask you to use the card machine when you arrive.

We can also generate invoices for events (e.g. hire and/or catering), special orders and similar which can then be paid via Paypal on the website or direct BACS depending on circumstances


2. How does Click-and-Collect and/or Takeaway work?

Current regulations mean that we are only able to sell alcohol by pre-order and handover drinks outside the premises.

For bottles and cans browse through our online shop, pick what looks interesting and as you place the order you will be prompted to pick a collection day for each item.

Standard Collection times are Mon 3-7pm, Weds & Fri 4-8pm, Sat 2-8pm.

When you are ready to go to the checkout you will be offered the choice of paying online through Paypal or upon collection and you will also be offered the opportunity to send a message with your order - use this to request a more specific time, to ask questions, order draught items or make a special packing request.

We aim to send a confirmation email when a human has read your order but please be aware the humans are a little unreliable so poke us if you don't get a response.

Please do turn up when you say you will or if circumstances change contact the pub as soon as possible as orders may not last.
Come to the Garden, wave and please be patient, collect your drinks and pay if necessary. We aim to make this as contact-free as possible.

The draught is also still available and still changing. We have a limited number of containers available so if you can bring your own we encourage it and of course please reuse if possible.
We recommend that you browse the menu and then give us a ring during opening hours on the day you would like your beer to confirm availability and choose a slot.
You can also order the quantity of the beer you would like online and ring as you arrive to confirm which one - the webpage has a default price for the beer but individual beers may vary so please be aware that we may need to charge you a top-up.

Draught Beer & Cider are sold in multiples of 1/3rd & 1/2 pint so quantities are measured in CE marked containers and then decanted into your vessel (e.g. if you bring a 1L container we will measure and sell you 1 pint + 2/3rds in that unless you ask for a smaller measure such as 1 pint)

Again, come to the garden and let us know what you have picked, pop the container down for filling, wait a few minutes then pay (if necessary) and take your drinks away.

We ask you to wait in the garden and consider social distancing during that time, service may be a little slower than usual but please bear with us.

Whilst staff are extremely cautious about surfaces and hand-washing we recommend you do not drink directly from your bottle, can or container and that if you are vulnerable you wash your hands after handling anything that has come from the pub as you would from a shop.

3. How does table service/this QR code work?


We are not currently open for sitting in. Sorry. 

To enable social distancing we are currently asking that people don't wait at the bar for their orders. When you arrive you will be directed towards a table and we will come over to talk to you about your order as soon as possible.

Don't worry we don't expect you to know what you want or even what is available off the top of your head, if you can do use the menus on the website to help you choose, but no matter what we will expect to chat to you about what is on and what you enjoy.

You can request tasters but unfortunately this will make the process a bit slower.

The QR codes on the tables can be read with a free app on many phones and functions a little like a bell and let's us know that you are waiting to be served and it allows us to make a little virtual queue but you don't use it to order

4. What do those symbols on the toilets mean?

Why do you have them?


Our toilets are not divided by gender.

Please feel free to use whichever you feel most comfortable with.

This symbol represents a seated toilet in a cubicle.

This symbol represents a urinal (communal standing) and a seated toilet in a cubicle.


We believe that gendered toilets can cause difficulties for Trans, Non-Binary and Gender non-conforming people and we want everyone to be able to use the bathroom without having their identity questioned. 


Some people feel threatened in enclosed areas like bathrooms so please be mindful of other people's space.  Women (particularly trans women & lesbians) and non-binary people are statistically more likely to have had negative experiences and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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